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Top to Bottom, End to End, FLEX-Drain® is the Most Versatile, Durable, Portable Drainage Solution System on Earth.

Still think drain pipe is all the same? Think again. Because FLEX-Drain® helps you get the job done faster and easier, with professional grade durability and more versatility than traditional corrugated pipe. Flexible and expandable, FLEX-Drain® easily bends around any obstacle, holds its shape during installation and with a simple snap, its integrated soil-tight fittings lock securely and stay connected during backfilling. Taping joints is unnecessary.

Here's the best part. Because FLEX-Drain® is more efficient to install, the total cost of installation is actually lower than traditional pipe.

More than just pipe, FLEX-Drain® is a complete drainage solution system that's widely compatible with virtually all traditional 3" and 4" corrugated pipe and 4" PVC. Technologically superior, it's made with no-break copolymers and exceeds all applicable ASTM crush standards.


  • A. Flexible Downspout Adaptor Flexible Downspout Adaptor - Available in sizes 2" x 3" and 3" x 4", this adaptor fits all 3" and 4" corrugated pipe and 4" PVC. Its flexibility allows an easier connection and more versatility than rigid adaptors.
  • B. Universal Pipe Connector Universal Pipe Connector – Features an inner dimension that connects to 3" pipe and an outer dimension that connects to 4" pipe. The most economical solution for connecting FLEX-Drain®, 3" and 4" corrugated pipe and 4" PVC.
  • C. FLEX-Drain Coupler FLEX-Drain® Coupler – Female coupler for joining 2 cut pieces of FLEX-Drain® together. Also used to adapt FLEX-Drain® to some wyes and tees to improve the fit and function of the overall system. Or, simply use our Flexible T/Y Combo, mentioned below.
  • D. Flexible Elbow/Connector Flexible Elbow/Connector™ – Expands up to 21" to connect 3" and 4" corrugated pipe and 4" PVC. It creates any angle or turn, expands to reach pipes that have been cut short and is an excellent repair piece for damaged sections of pipe.
  • E. Flexible T/Y Flexible T/Y– Eliminates the need for rigid wyes and tees, because it flexes to become either. Works with 3" and 4" corrugated pipe and 4" PVC. Flexes and bends to fit most any angle.
  • F. Solid FLEX-Drain Solid FLEX-Drain® – Available in 12 and 25-foot lengths, this solid pipe is great for applications that involve diverting water from one point to another (away from downspouts, for instance). Water can't seep out until it reaches the end of the pipe.
  • G. Perforated FLEX-Drain Perforated FLEX-Drain® – Available in 12 and 25-foot lengths, this pipe has spaced slits, so water drains in stages. Ideal for ground water drainage like French drains or dispersing water from flower beds. To avoid clogging the slits, use this pipe where surrounding soil is coarse and debris is minimal.
  • H. Perforated FLEX-Drain with Sock Perforated FLEX-Drain® with Sock – Available in 25-foot lengths only, this pipe also has spaced slits, covered by a removable polyester sock. It's also perfect for applications such as French drains or dispersing water from flower beds, but works even better in locations where surrounding soil or sand is fine and requires filtration or where debris is considerable.



Professional grade FLEX-Drain® is made to work hard - and bend easy. While it's vastly more flexible than ordinary corrugated pipe, it's actually stronger at the same time. Rigorous testing and consistently superior performance in the field have proven it time and again.

  • Exceeds ASTM standards.
  • Made with no-break copolymers for professional grade strength and integrity.
  • Proprietary peak and valley design offers greater surface area and a 30% higher load-bearing rating than standard corrugated pipe.
Standard Pipe ASTM Crush Test Samples
Flex-Drain ASTM Crush Test Samples

*Samples purchased nationwide. Tests performed by IMR, Lansing , NY in accordance with ASTM F 405 Standards.


Getting pipe to the job site shouldn't be a project in itself. And with FLEX-Drain®, it won't be. Twenty-five foot sections of FLEX-Drain® come in a convenient package that measures just 9" x 9" x 24" - about the size of a toolbox. And 380 feet of pipe fits easily into the back of a mid-sized SUV.

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