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FLEX-Drain is the easiest, most cost-effective landscaping drainpipe solution available. Its unique design allows it to stretch, bend and perfectly mold itself to the exact specifications you need, which means less cutting, measuring and time spent installing. With a full line of drain pipes and fittings available, FLEX-Drain is perfect for all landscape drainage applications, including retaining walls, curtain drains, downspout drains and French drains. But just what is it that sets FLEX-Drain apart? It’s a combination of the materials used and award-winning, patented design.


FLEX-Drain is different from other drainpipe manufacturers because we use 100% pure “virgin” grade polypropylene. That means there are no fillers or re-grind used during manufacturing, resulting in no-break co-polymers that are a cut above the competition.

In external lab testing in accordance with AASHTO M 252-09 and ASTM F 405, FLEX-Drain outperformed both test requirements and competitors. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the brittleness test.

Sections of pipe are frozen and then a weight is dropped on them. Where other pipes split and shatter, the pure co-polymers in FLEX-Drain pipes better absorb impact, allowing them to bounce back into shape. The results can be seen here.

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Industry leading materials weren’t enough. In fact, that was just a starting point. While drain pipe technology has generally remained the same throughout the industry, FLEX-Drain sought to take a smarter approach to drain pipe engineering, resulting in a number of innovations that make everything from installation to transportation much easier. Some of these innovations include:


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FLEX-Drain has the unique ability to collapse at a 1:5 ratio, requiring 20% of the transportation space that would otherwise be needed. This means pipes that expand from 3 to 12 feet, 6 to 25 feet and 12 to 50 feet. This is thanks to a “living hinge” design, which also allows for a tighter bend radius.

Bend radius

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FLEX-Drain is able to wrap around tighter curves than other pipes could ever attempt. This increased maneuverability means faster installation and less worrying about difficult terrain or obstacles. In fact, because FLEX-Drain so easily bends along the required path and holds its shape, installation is 20% faster than with traditional corrugated pipe.


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FLEX-Drain pipe is engineered to allow connection to itself, 3” and 4” PVC pipe, standard 4” corrugated pipe, clay pipe and grates and pits with its patent pending cuffs. Water doesn’t seep out until the end of the line.


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With a simple snap, FLEX-Drain fittings securely connect pipes, creating an impenetrable barrier. Our soil-tight adapters, connecters and couplers exceed all corrugated plastic pipe standards and provide ultimate fitting integrity. In addition to easily tying multiple lines with our flexible T/Y fitting, our 2×3 and 3×4 fittings allow for flexible connections from standard downspouts to multiple drainage products.

With more innovative designs and higher grade materials, FLEX-Drain is guaranteed to stay securely fitted during installation and backfilling while standing up to the stresses of time. Whether you’re a contractor, distributor or homeowning DIYer, you can rest assured that it’s the smartest drainage solution system on earth—or in it.

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