The FLEX-Drain Story

Better Drainage
By Design

Mike Boettner created FLEX-Drain with one simple goal in mind, create a complete drainage system that was flexible, easier-to-install and works with any other industry standard pipe.


Video Transcription

So, by design, FLEX-Drain fits into itself so no matter how long you need it, it connects together and can be run continuously. In addition to that it can be cut any place along its length and the cut end will still fit into the female end of the pipe. So you can bring it to the exact length that you need and the excess parts are still usable for other projects.

In addition to that we made sure that the different cuffs and the different features had outside diameters and inside diameters and barbs and other features so that they would be more universal than standard pipe. So if you’re trying to hook to something that exists, like a 3-inch corrugated pipe, well, we set it up where that hooks to the inside. If, for instance, you’re working with a 4-inch corrugated pipe in existing, and, hook to the outside. If you had a need for PVC pipe, it also hooks on.

In addition to that there’s a number of other things that because of the dimensions that we chose, if you’ve got a product, we don’t make this but it’s a perfectly good product, snaps right into the other end of it. So if you had a need for something that we don’t make, again, the universal nature of it works. This is the industry standard and it’s a perfectly good part, so long as you don’t need any extra length and you’re satisfied with that angle. We thought we could take it one step further. So, generally speaking, the pipe that you’ve got in the ground, and you’re downspout, they never match up quite right. With the FLEX-Drain fittings, you can jog to one side or the other, you can form any angle you need, you can extend it or contract it, so it fits a number of different applications, again. It has the same cuff features that allow it to fit the various types of pipe. If for instance you’re worried about leaves getting down into your pipe, perfectly good part, fits right inside it. This is for a standard 3x4 but you’ll notice it also has a curvature to it so if you happen to be one of the people who have a round downspout; it conforms to the round downspout as well.

For the T, again the industry standard, again, perfectly good part provided that you’re pipes all meet at exactly 90-degree angles, and that they’re long enough. It’s not very easy to run a trencher that precisely so instead of doing that we invented a T that is also a Y, or something that never existed before in nature. If you’re trenches aren’t quite straight, simply adapt. Once again, universal cuffs that allow you to hook to a whole bunch of different parts that are out there. So when you get into plumbing projects you can be truly creative with them.

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