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We asked Jerry Franitza, a licensed contractor in TN, why he prefers FLEX-Drain to corrugated pipe. Watch the video to find out what makes FLEX-Drain the best choice for professional installers.


Video Transcription

My name is Jerry Franitza, I’m a licensed contractor in the state of Tennessee and I’ve been doing this for about 10 years.

What do you like about FLEX-Drain?
Well, we’ve used the other corrugated materials before and you have to buy the sock separate. Whereas this one, FLEX-Drain, comes with the sock already on it. The nice advantage of FLEX-Drain is that it’s very compact when you purchase it. And you can actually pull it apart and get it in 50-foot lengths and you probably it’s only like, well maybe 8 or 10 feet in length before you actually pull it out and stretch it to the lengths that you need. Now one thing about FLEX-Drain is that it will make a 90-degree bend, because it is very flexible. You’re able to move the FLEX-Drain up against the foundation when you put your gravel in. So it makes it very convenient, you don’t have to have a lot of angles or fittings to go at each corner. You might have to have a 90-degree elbow or a T. So the FLEX-Drain works out real well that way.

What would you say to another professional interested in FLEX-Drain?
I’ve been just having them come out to our sites, since we’re doing what we call condition crawl spaces and we’re the first contractor to actually do that in Bradley County. We’ve used this FLEX-Drain on our sites. And some of the general contractors have come out here recently to see how we do conditioned crawl spaces so they’ve seen the FLEX-Drain being installed and they really like the way it goes in.

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