The FLEX-Drain Difference

Engineered For Performance

FLEX-Drain was engineered to be stronger and more flexible from the start. Watch the video to find out what makes FLEX-Drain different from your standard corrugated pipe.


Video Transcription

What makes FLEX-Drain different from standard piping? There a number of differences. From an engineering standpoint, just the physical geometry. FLEX-Drain is made, first of all, from materials that are radically different from traditional polyethylene. It has a mixture of polypropylene and polyethylene designed for superior performance. It offers both flexibility, but also superior strength. Our test results show it. It’s also geometrically a different design. If you look at the profile of our pipe it looks more like a floor truss or a roof truss; which professionals understand is a stronger geometry. Traditional corrugated pipe is intended to minimize raw material while giving minimal level of performance. FLEX-Drain is intended to give maximum level performance, we do that through superior design. It offers greater flexibility and greater strength.

What else does the design offer the customer? We specifically try to introduce versatility. We have a number of fittings, and the pipe itself works as a fitting, the pipe itself works without fittings. The pipe is intended to bend around anything; it’ll go 360 degrees if that’s what you need.

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