Common Drainage Problems

Streaming Water Solutions

Streaming water is caused when higher elevation areas converge into a central lower elevation area, creating a streaming effect where the water collects and flows downward. This typically causes erosion issues, and makes growing grass, or maintaining landscaping in these areas difficult. Installing a French drain with FLEX-Drain perforated pipe in these areas can greatly reduce streaming water problems. FLEX-Drain, in conjunction with culverts or other drain box systems, will allow the streaming water to flow underground through the pipe, stopping the above ground water from developing the streaming effect.

Follow these steps for a streaming water solution:

  1. Determine if additional drain boxes or culverts will be required to “funnel” the water into the below ground pipe, or if the above described French drain application will be sufficient.
  2. Dig a trench at least 8-12 inches below ground that has a constant downward pitch to create a gravity fed water flow.
  3. Install FLEX-Drain perforated, or perforated with sock pipe in the ditch, surrounded with at least 2-3 inches of course gravel, and a minimum of 3-4 inches of top soil.
  4. Install a culvert or drain box that will work with 4” pipe at your higher elevation end, and a 4” end cap or pop-up emitter at the lower end to allow the water a place to enter and exit while diverting the stream below ground.

Result: The streaming water drainage will be diverted below ground, stopping the erosion and “wash out” effect of the streaming water, allowing healthy grass or landscaping to be placed above ground.

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