Common Drainage Problems

Common Drainage Problems & Solutions

Yard drainage is essential to lawn health and foundation upkeep. Without lawn drainage, streaming water can erode your yard, ruin your landscaping and compromise your home’s foundation. Additionally, standing water creates a breeding ground for mosquitos and kills grass.

FLEX-Drain offers the easiest, most manageable yard drainage solutions available. Installation is a snap, and in a single afternoon you can fix all of your rainwater drainage problems and save your landscaping and foundation. Learn how to use FLEX-Drain for:

1. Standing Water
2. Migrating Mulch
3. Streaming Water


1Standing Water

2Migrating Mulch

3Streaming Water

1Standing Water

Standing water is caused by having a low lying area in a yard or garden surrounded by higher elevation ground, which collects standing water during rain and wet periods. By installing FLEX-Drain perforated pipe below ground, you can create a French drain that will divert the water away from the area, and promote a dry usable surface.

How to fix

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