The FLEX-Drain Challenge

May The Best
Product Win

We believe FLEX-Drain is the best drainage product on the market. But, we wanted to put it to the test. We recruited two teams and created a drainage obstacle course to see if FLEX-Drain was faster and easier to install than traditional corrugated pipe. Watch the video to find out who won.


Video Transcription

We’re team FLEX-Drain. And we’re the other guys.

Today’s course is a tough one gentleman. It’s 300 feet of curves, connections, and drainage challenges. Your job is to complete this course as fast as possible. On each side of the course is the other man’s pipe. Do not cross into the other man’s section. Do not steal their pipe. Play safe. And play fair gentlemen. First team to cross the finish line is a winner. On my mark. Whistle Sounds.

All right gentlemen there’s only winner. And that winner is FLEX-Drain. Congratulations team FLEX-Drain. The contest is officially over. Whistle Sounds. Good job guys.

Other Guys: Well, it’s definitely a lot tougher than I thought. I thought we were working with a good, strong product and it turned out to take a lot longer than we anticipated.

FLEX-Drain: I thought it was a joke. It was real easy, felt pretty bad for the other team though, by the end of it.

Other Guys: They breezed through it, it looked like they didn’t even break a sweat. We had to do a lot of cutting g and, man it was just really hard to put down, and we put a lot of elbows and stuff in and that took most of our time.

FLEX-Drain: Barely worked up a sweat. If you saw the other guys they were pouring sweat by the end of it.

FLEX-Drain: Lower Installation Cost, Installed 40% Faster

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