FLEX-Drain Pipe

Corrugated and French Drain Pipe Solutions from FLEX-Drain

FLEX-Drain allows you to do more in less time with less hassle. Easy to use and install, FLEX-Drains are available in both solid and perforate drain pipes that are great for building drains, diverting water, and solving erosion problems. The flexible drain pipe contracts and expands, making them easier to use and transport than corrugated drain pipes, keeping your project simple and easy from start to finish.

FLEX-Drain Pipe

Using no-break copolymers and 100% “virgin” grade material, FLEX-Drain® is made with seamless extrusion technology for enhanced performance and durability. For french drain systems or perforated drain pipes, learn more about FLEX-Drain solutions.

Solid FLEX-Drain

Available in 8, 12, 25 and 50-foot lengths, this solid pipe is great for applications that involve diverting from one place to another (away from downspouts, for instance). Water can’t seep out until it reaches the end of the pipe.

Perforated FLEX-Drain

Available in 8, 12, 25 and 50-foot lengths, this pipe has spaced slits, so water absorbs through the pipe, and is diverted away within the pipe. Ideal for ground water drainage like French drains or dispersing water from flower beds. To avoid clogging the slits, use this pipe where surrounding soil is coarse and debris is minimal.

Perforated FLEX-Drain with sock

Available in 25 and 50-foot lengths only, this pipe also has spaced slits, covered by a removable polyester sock. It’s also perfect for applications such as French drains or dispersing water from flower beds, but works even better in locations where surrounding soil or sand is fine and requires filtration or where debris is present.

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