Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy FLEX-Drain products?

To find a retailer near you that carries FLEX-Drain click here, or you can call us and we will help you locate a retailer near you. Please note that some retailers carry FLEX-Drain on an order-only basis. For this reason, we recommend that you call your local retailer and ask if they have FLEX-Drain in stock before visiting.

Can I use FLEX-Drain to drain a sink in my house?

No. FLEX-Drain was designed for outdoor-landscape drainage purposes only.

Can I use FLEX-Drain for a septic system?

No, sorry. FLEX-Drain was designed only for outdoor-landscape drainage purposes only.

Can I run a French drain above ground?

No, you must bury the pipe for the French drain to be effective. For more details, please refer to our installation video or our How to Build a French Drain Using FLEX-Drain Products page.

Can I connect FLEX-Drain directly to my downspout?

Yes, you can, but you will get a better connection if you purchase a standard downspout adaptor from your local hardware or home improvement store.

Can I bury FLEX-Drain?

Yes, FLEX-Drain is designed to be buried. Although it can also be used above ground.

Which way do I face the perforations?

There are perforations around the entire circumference of the perforated FLEX-Drain® product, so there is no particular way that you have to lay FLEX-Drain down.

Will FLEX-Drain connect with other standard-sized, outdoor drainage pipe?

Yes. For more details on how FLEX-Drain is impressively universal, watch the video by FLEX-Drain creator, Mike Boettner.

Do I need anything else besides FLEX-Drain to connect to my downspout?

Yes. You will also need a downspout adaptor.  Adaptors are commonly available at most hardware and home improvement stores. Check the dimensions of your downspout before you go to the store so you will know which size you need. Your adaptor will need to adapt a downspout to a 4" circular shape.

Does FLEX-Drain come in different sizes?

All FLEX-Drain products have a 4-inch O.D. (outside diameter).  FLEX-Drain comes in: 8, 12, 25 and 50 foot lengths.  The adaptors are made to fit with 3 or 4 inch corrugated pipe.

Is FLEX-Drain expensive?

It is moderately more expensive than traditional corrugated black drain pipe, but it becomes very cost effective if you can eliminate one or more elbows or pipe to pipe connectors. You should be able to use less footage because it is very flexible and you can make sharp corners with it which is not possible with the traditional product. As an added bonus, FLEX-Drain also requires less labor.

Is FLEX-Drain a good product for my garden?

Depending on the application, FLEX-Drain should work great.

Do you make 6" diameter FLEX-Drain?

Sorry, the only product we currently make is the 4” outer diameter version. The larger the diameter the harder it gets to open and close the part.

How do I expand FLEX-Drain to its full length?

With two people working, hold on to one end of the pipe and walk away from each other – pulling and expanding the pipe to the desired length.

If you are working alone, hold one end of the pipe between your feet and pull up on the other end until the pipe has been expanded to the length you need.

NOTE: If you are working with a Perforated with Sock FLEX-Drain, be sure to hold the sock and the pipe together, as you expand the pipe, so that the sock covers the entire length of the product when expanded.

Can I connect two or more FLEX-Drain pipes together for extended drainage?

Yes. To connect two FLEX-Drain pipes together, simply insert the smaller, tapered end into the larger end until they are snug. If you have trouble getting started, press in on the smaller end until it is slightly deformed and insert into the larger end.

How do I Install FLEX-Drain?

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