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What Makes FLEX-Drain Different?
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Drainage Pipe & Flexible Drain Pipe Systems from FLEX-Drain

Versatility. Flexibility. Durability. Compatibility. FLEX-Drain is simply a better solution from every angle. In fact, our innovative yard drainage systems featuring expandable pipes outperform every other brand. FLEX-Drain fittings easily connect systems and make installation a snap. Widely compatible with 3 and 4-inch corrugated pipe and 4-inch PVC, FLEX-Drain is designed to work hard and bend easy.

When you're looking to install a lawn drainage system it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Standing water, migrating mulch or streaming water problems don’t have to intimidate you if you’re equipped with FLEX-Drain technology. Our flexible drain pipe actually installs 20% faster than standard corrugated pipe and requires 80% less space for transport and storage. Learn more about FLEX-Drain and find a retailer near you to get your project underway today.

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I was extremely pleased with the flexibility... It made going around corners easy. I would recommend this product to anyone.


St. Louis, MO

Apr 5, 2011 product photo of 'Flex-Drain'
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